Rover A FT1

Biesse Rover A FT

We are discussing the Biesse Rover A FT  CNC machinery that is a popular machine with our customers because of the execllent innovation and benefits offered to Wood Manufacturing companies

Some benefits that stand out are:

  • Compact and efficient
  • Gantry structure,
  • Top-of-the-range technology
  • Guarantees optimum precision in every machining operation
  • Most competitive solution on the market due to the different technologies of FT Plus and HFT
  • Customisation - Made-to-measure turnkey factories, plus the integration of Biesse Group solutions with complementary software and machinery, with over 1000 systems installed worldwide.
  • Maximum visibility of the working unit from any position 
  • LED bar with 5 colours, in dictating the machine status in real-time
  • The solid structure of Rover AFT provides a high speed of execution and maximum precision of the finished product.

One of our recent installations of the Biesse Rover A FT CNC machine in Western Postform Ltd as part of their further expansion that started just over a year ago.

"Almost one year on and it’s another massive investment for Western Postform with the delivery of our second Biesse CNC machine. Thanks to Maginn Machinery." #westernpostform #manufacturing #biesse #cncmachine

Source: LinkedIn Content
New Biesse Rover A FT CNC Machine delivered to Western Postform Ltd

In a nutshell, the Biesse Rover A FT is rich in functionality and performance, providing high-quality machining, efficiency, and long-lasting precision due to the excellent product development and innovation that Biesse machines are know for.

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