The new Altendorf Hand Guard Panel Saw arrives at Maginn Machinery

Here at Maginns, we are excited to welcome the new Altendorf Hand Guard to our showroom. Considered to be the world's safest Panel Saw, this machine combines innovation and safety to prevent sliding table saw accidents. 
Sliding table saws present a high risk of injury to the machine operator due to their design. With over 120 reported sliding table saw accidents per month in Germany, the costs endured by businesses due to production downtime and medical costs are huge. Altendorf Group's Hand Guard system offers a solution to this risk for businesses.
The loss to a carpentry business taking into account continued wage payments, social contributions and loss of sales (approx. 6 weeks) in the event of an accident, can be significant.
The Hand Guard has the ability to detect a dangerous situation before it occurs and causes the spinning saw blade to come to an instant stop, preventing the chance of injury to the machine operator. 
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Altendorf Hand Guard

The world's first and only optical system that protects people A unique early detection system with two cameras detects a user’s hands approaching the saw blade causing the saw blade to retract immediately. The Altendorf Hand Guard uses AI technology to offer precision, flexibility and maximum safety while allowing for almost all options for materials processing. Altendorf understand that your hands are the most important asset in your craft which is why the Hand Guard offers intelligent protection for your hands by retracting the saw blade in a quarter of a second once hands are detected in the danger zone. SEE MORE
Hand Guard features:
  • Optical detection system with 2 cameras 
  • Rapid recovery time of 10 seconds
  • No downtime
  • Works for all materials
  • Controlled plunging movement protects the machine, the saw blade and the work piece 
  • Also works with gloves 
Interested in the Altendorf Hand Guard? Phone us on +353 (01) 450 4111 or email us at to find out more