Altendorf F45 Hand Guard Single Flex Machine

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Altendorf Hand Guard Panel Saw

The Altendorf Hand Guard Panel Saw is not only safe but extremely versatile.

The Hand Guard protects the most important thing in the craft – the hands. And its unique early detection system with two cameras not only secures your employees, but also your orders.

Two cameras for early detection

HAND GUARD is based on the early detection of a dangerous situation. Two powerful cameras determine the exact position of the hand in relation to the saw blade. In the process, differently defined situations are optically recognized and classified. The cameras constantly collect data that is processed by a powerful hand detection programme. If the system detects a hazardous situation, the danger is eliminated in a quarter of a second.

Quick lowering and quick stop in a quarter of a second

Within a quarter of a second, the saw unit is lowered quickly and the saw blade is also stopped quickly.

System starts before hand contact

HAND GUARD detects the dangerous situation at an early stage so that the user and the machine can react in time. After the system has been activated, work can continue immediately. There is no downtime, as people, machine and material are protected.

Security for every application

Thanks to the optical recognition technology, HAND GUARD also works when working with suitable gloves. In addition, the system can be used with all conventional saw blades (Ø 250 to 550 mm) and can process all materials, such as non-ferrous metals, damp wood or plastics.

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