Husswoods New Altendorf F45

We have recently worked with Husswood and installed a brand new Altendorf F45. John manufactures external & internal doors, frames, architraves, dado rails, kitchens, windows including sash windows, custom staircases, wardrobes, furniture, bar works and library unit which meant he needed something strong, reliable and efficient. We suggested that the Altendorf F45 would meet Johns requirements with a cast iron frame the Altendorf F45 is very robust and is designed to hold heavy loads and a high work rate.


The new F 45 is a masterpiece of technology and design. The comprehensively redesigned machine frame combines absolutely unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration, while the smooth front and clear foot space on the floor enable you to operate closer to the machine and the work piece.


The famously smooth-running sliding table, which has received a number of design tweaks, remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting and minimal maintenance. Complementing these winning features is the eye-level control unit, with which you determine the height and tilt of the saw blade plus, depending on your choice of control package, speed and other functions. The crisp new industrial design underlines the distinctive quality of the Altendorf brand, melding characterful design and timeless aesthetics.