Coral CA Series / AF Series - Portable Dust Extractor

SKU: 201000001103

Trolley-mounted high-efficiency dust collector/ filter for wood dust and shavings.

Coral products for the extraction and filtration of contaminants in the woodworking industry include small portable smoke and dust collectors, great for the “woodworking hobbyist”, and centralised collection and filtration systems for medium to high airflow applications.

  • One to four filter sleeves, as needed
  • High-quality polyester filter material
  • Handy and easily placed even in the tightest spaces
  • High air filtration efficiency
  • Extreme ease of maintenance
  • "Plug & Play" solution, no installation required

The dust extraction system uses cartridge filters, sleeve & bag filters, or cyclone separators to filter collected contaminants.

Industrial fans used in these products are generally located downstream of the filtration so that they are not exposed to the high concentration of dust and chips in the contaminated airflow.

Energy saving – Filtering bags in particular tissue – Can be completely taken apart

The filtering bags are made of a very strong special tufted left that gives greater efficiency in filtering and much fewer loads loss in comparison with traditional tissues, such as cotton.