Customised Tooling

At Maginn Machinery we supply all standard woodworking tools including  spindle tooling, saw blades, router cutters, cnc tooling, etc. Supplying custom made tools is our speciality. From wood samples or sketched drawings we will offer a quote with dimensioned works drawings.


Usual delivery time for these special tools is 2/3 weeks. Below are listed some samples of specially manufactured tools.


We have provided some customised drawings here that demonstrate the work we can supply.

80mm joinery rebate tool with 15mm intumescent groovers fitted.

Kitchen door tooling profiling and scribing set with all optional profiles to suit.

Special sheeting tool set for T@G and TG@V using standard replaceable tips.

For your customised tooling simply give us a call and ask for Pat or click here and send Pat an email.