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KLEIBERIT Adhesives – The Specialist Amongst Adhesive Manufacturers

KLEIBERIT adhesives are now an integral part of the world we live in. Today KLEBCHEMIE M. G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG is based in Weingarten Baden (Southern Germany) and also has one of the most modern and innovative research and production centres worldwide.
Adhesive bonding is the bonding technology of the future. KLEIBERIT’S strategy is to continue to provide new innovations for a wide field of applications. One investment for the future is the shown by the opening of the TECHNICAL CENTER in 2009.

In furniture production, modern edgebanding machines carry special importance. KLEIBERIT‘s comprehensive product program reliably covers requirements ranging from hand-fed via CNC technology to soft forming and highspeed edge applications.

PUR Hotmelt

  • Very high cold and heat resistance
    Very high moisture resistance
    Kitchen and bathroom furniture, difficult edge material

Polyolefin Hotmelt

  • Very high heat resistance
    Good moisture resistance
    Furniture exposed to high temperature

EVA Hotmelt

  • Good heat and cold and resistance
    Good moisture resistance
    Interior furniture exposed to normal temperature
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