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Vacuum Pods On Biesse Rover FT Machines

Vacuum Pods now available in Maginn's for the Biesse Rover FT Machines.

The New Vacuum Pods can be positioned directly on the spoilboard avoiding any bulky connection hoses for auxiliary vacuum. The needles plates could be installed on the top and/or bottom surface of the pod to increase the piece friction and prevent movement or vibration during machining.

Some key benefits the new Vacuum Pods:

  • Vacuum Pods prearranged for needles plates on both sides
  • Needles on the bottom side increase the grip of the spoilboard
  • Needles on top side increase the grip on the piece
  • Pods are easily positioned anywhere on the spoilboard
  • Great holding even when heavy material is used
  • Perfect solution for horizontal machining
  • Different pods sizes available for narrow pieces
  • Easy programmable part flipping and machining

These Pods are an additional option on the Biesse Rover FT machines. Available for new machines but also can be fitted and used on already purchased Biesse Rover FT Machines.

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