Altendorf WA6 Sliding Table Saw

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Altendorf WA-6 Panel Saw


What to do when one has little space, plus a limited budget, but quality must still be maintained? When these requirements must be met by a sliding table saw, Altendorf’s answer is: an Altendorf WA 6.

The WA 6 is the smallest Altendorf there is. But in spite of its smaller dimensions, its considerable abilities are impressive: with its powerful range of equipment, it stands out even in the smallest space. Outstanding for its cut quality and its flexibility in everyday use. And just as outstanding is the price. So what else is there to be concerned about?


The proven Altendorf double roller carriage with steel bar guidance.

If requested the machine can also be supplied with 1 600 mm table.

Cutting length: 1 450, 1 850 or 2 500 mm

Saw blade diameter max. 315 mm

Cutting width on the rip fence: 1 000 mm

Crosscutting on the crosscut mitre fence to 2 600 mm

The multi-chamber system for maximum rigidity of the double roller carriage.

The rip fence, smooth and precise.

Crosscut mitre-fence: for accurate angle and mitre cutting in a single function. Cutting lenghts: 95-2 600 mm. Mitre angle infinitely adjustable from 0-49°.

Manual Tilt Adjustment: Manual with hand wheel, tilt angle indicated on a scale. From 0 – 45°.

Manual rose/Fall Adjustment: Manual with hand wheel.

The scorer. Seperate 0.37 kW scoring motor with on/off switch.

Extraction Hood: Safety hood with extraction hose above the main saw blade. CE-version: extraction hose included in the basic specification. Non-CE-version: optional.


  • Drive rating: 4 kW (5.5 HP)
  • Speed: 4 200 rpm
  • Scoring unit: 0.37 kW (0.5 HP)

Left of the saw blade.

  • Precise, robustly mounted crosscut-mitre fence for simple setting and accurately reproducible 90°
  • Perfectly square connection of cross slide to sliding table
  • Flip stops with bilateral mountings clamp tightly to securely hold the set dimension
  • Easily removable cross slide

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