Biesse Rover A 1232 CNC Machining Centre

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Biesse Rover A 12/15/18

BIESSE Rover A 12/15/18 is the flexible new high-performance CNC machining centre.  This machine can process any type of element quickly and with excellent results.  This machine is a natural choice for businesses that need to invest in growth.

The new BH29 2L boring head is equipped with automatic lubrication and a highly efficient rigid suction cap for a cleaner environment. It’s liquid-cooled for maximum precision.

The 5-axis operating head, equipped with up to 16.5 kW HSD spindle and with 360° continuous rotation on the vertical and horizontal axes, enables the machining of complex-shapes ensuring quality, precision and absolute long term reliability.

Biesse machines are designed to work in complete safety.

Various solutions available:

  • With the new “full bumper” solution, the worktable can be accessed from every side – this is the most ergonomic solution.
  • Solution with mats only, for speed and productivity.
  • Bumper plus photocells solution, combining productivity with ergonomics

With most Biesse machines, the addition of using ROS for factory automation can also be included resulting in an increase in production and total reliability.  Another further step to production automation.

Check out the video and the brochure for more information.

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