Biesse Rover B 1667 CNC Machining Centre

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Biesse Rover B CNC

Rover B is CNC machine is designed for both skilled craftsmen and the largescale industry. Configurable and high-performance, it ensures a quality finish and is reliable under all working conditions.

For reassurance in your investment, Rover B boasts technologies that are unique to the market and boasts ease of use of this technology.  2 Y-axes for maximum productivity in all machining operations. It is possible to machine two panels at the same time, and to change the tool while the machine is still running, ensuring that there is always a tool working on the product.

The Gantry structure has been designed to improve the precision and reliability of machining operations. Rigidity and absence of vibration ensure constant and reliable quality of the finished product.

Optimal cleaning of machined components  – Motorised conveyor belt for the removal of chips and waste. Worktops with hidden connections to provide excellent chip evacuation capacity.

A versatile CNC Work centre allowing for a range of types of machining operations:
  • Full workability with large panels
  • The rigid structure of the machine and the width of the Y-axis allows users to machine panel widths of up to 2230 mm with all available tools. Choose from a comprehensive range of bed sizes to facilitate the machining of all panel sizes.

With most Biesse machines, the addition of using ROS for factory automation can also be included resulting in an increase in production and total reliability.  Another further step to production automation.

The Biesse Rover A Smart is an investment in your business that aids and permits business growth.  Check out the video and the brochure for more information.

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