Biesse Rover K FT 2231 CNC Machining Centre

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Biesse Rover K FT CNC

Rover K FT is the new Biesse numerical control machining centre with Gantry structure – the most compact on the market – designed to machine panels made from wood and its derivatives. The ideal solution for artisan producers and for small and medium-sized businesses which require flexibility and ease of use within a limited production space.

Rover K FT represents the first of Biesse’s new quick-installation plug & play solutions.  An extremely compact machine designed to adapt to the production space in which it is installed. Enables the operator to safely access all sides of the machine at all times, with no obstacles on the ground.

The new Roller hold-down unit supports the multiple panels machining. Thanks to the compact design, the device can be automatically positioned inside the operating group guard without any limit to the use of operating groups.

The new system for the detachment and automatic alignment allows the management of porous, thin up to 3mm thickness and glued panels.

Maximum Ergonomics and Safety – The new full bumper solution enables the operator to safely access the work table at all times from any side of the machine.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Work table in layered phenolic material with vacuum system.
  • Vacuum modules can be directly positioned on the support panel. They can be quickly and easily used, even without the auxiliary vacuum system.
  • Vacuum modules can be positioned with no need for special connections.


  • B_Nest – Reduced time and Waste: B_Nest is the B_Suite plugin specifically for nesting operations.  It allows you to organise your nesting projects, reducing material waste and machine times
  • B_Solid – High-tech is now accessible and intuitive: B_Solid is a 3D cad cam software application that supports the performance of any machining operation thanks to vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.

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