Biesse Rover S FT - CNC Machining Centre

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Biesse Rover S FT

Rover S FT is the gantry machining center designed for Nesting applications of wood and wood-based materials, but also plastic-based and nonferrous materials machining.

Biesse’s processing centres for nesting and carving operations allow achieving a finished product machined on a single, compact machine at a competitive price. The robust and well-balanced structure of the machine does not compromise on the quality of the piece and for ensuring the best finish on different types of materials.

Rover S FT has a robust, well-balanced structure, designed to handle demanding machining requirements without compromising product

Rover S FT centre can be integrated with Winstore automated magazine for the optimised management of panels.   Also the integration of ROS which is the Robot Solutions to fully automate manufacturing processes.

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