Biesse Selco SK4 4300 Beam Saw

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Biesse Selco SK 4 Beamsaw

Intuitive cutting-edge technology with reduced footprint.

SELCO SK 4 is the range of cutting centres designed to satisfy the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. It is easy to use, has advanced technical solutions and features great standard equipment.

The SELCO SK 4 has become the reference point in its sector.

Reduced panel loading and downloading times.

Special solutions for handling stacks and feeding and unloading panels available upon request.

The compact, integrated lifting table allows for packs of panels of up to 630 mm to be loaded directly onto the steel profiles.

The hydraulic table for the unloading of cut material onto pallets is equipped with a reference stop which can be manually adjusted and over-ridden to facilitate pallet removal.

The presser boasts a single-element structure which guarantees consistent, controlled pressure on the book of panels to be cut.

Fast, accurate positioning of the panels for optimum cutting precision, thanks to the robust pusher carriage activated by a brushless motor.

Best performance in its category.

Unique technical solutions on the market, to satisfy even the most rigorous production demands, in terms of both precision and flexibility.

Cutting quality.

Robust, balanced structure ensuring maximum stability. Specially-designed technologies to guarantee precision and rigidity.

The superior cutting quality is achieved through independent rise and fall movements of the main blade and the scoring blade.

Differentiated cross cut.

Differentiated cross cut for narrow strips.

Rip and cross-cuts are performed at the same time.

Productivity increase of up to 25%. Two cutting stations on a single beam saw.

The Twin Pusher system is equipped with an auxiliary pushing device consisting of a gripper with side positioning by means of the numerical control. Allows for simultaneous cutting, dramatically reducing cycle times.

Two panel saws in one.

The Twin Pusher, an exclusive patent for all Biesse panel saws, consists of two complementary pushing devices. An additional stop allows independent cutting of strips of up to 1200 mm wide.

Increasing productivity by up to 60%, optimum management of production peaks and a ROI within the first year.

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