Biesse VIET Opera 5 3.3. RRT - Sander

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Biesse Viet Opera 5

High Performance – Modest Investment – Opera 5 is the new finishing center designed to satisfy the needs of medium to large-sized enterprises that require versatility and a high technology content.

High-Performance technology of electronic PAD and rollers on Viet sanding machines, maintains the same sanding pressure, adapting to different surface thicknesses whilst applying a constant abrasive action to ensure optimum surface flatness.Solutions for calibration and bulk removal – The HPG unit is recommended for the calibration of blockboard panels and supports the removal of several millimeters of material in a single run.Opera 5, available with 2 to 4 working units and equipped with cross units, pad units, superfinishing pad units and/ or sanding brushes in any positioning order, is configured as a genuine finishing centre.

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