Biesse VIET S1 23 F2 RKRT Sanding Machine

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Biesse Viet S1

S1 is the calibrating and sanding solution that combines high performance standards with reduced working dimensions, at an incredibly competitive price. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the S1 ensures maximum reliability and precision, derived from the experience gleaned from higher-end machines.

The electronic pad equipped with HP (High Performance) technology enhances processing results, both as far as surface flatness and finish are concerned.

The HP system is available in the DUO version, which supports the modulation of two operating pressures for any individual sector at a given time. This solution supports the use of two different operating forces on the same panel.

The panel cleaning brush can be fitted with bristles of different materials to deep clean the machined panels.

The anti-static bar eliminates electrostatic charges on painted panels.

The rotating blower, positioned downstream of the machine, enables optimal cleaning of the panel’s surface at the end of the sanding cycle.

The linear blower is used to finish cleaning the panel’s edges. Ideally, it should be coupled with the rotating blower.

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