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S2 is the calibrating sanding machine that offers superior levels of performance with a modest investment. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the S2 ensures maximum reliability and precision, derived from the experience gleaned from higher-end machines.

S2 is the calibrating sanding machine that can accommodate up to 3 working units, ensuring high finish quality across all products and superb machining flexibility.

The possibility of combining rollers of different hardness with one or more pads allows the customer to calibrate and smooth the article in a single step.

The compact cross unit is the ideal solution for complex machining operations on veneered panels, even with glues and junction papers, responding to transverse levelling and finish requirements, whilst occupying a small footprint.

The brushing unit enables the customer to highlight the wood grain of processed panels.

The brushing unit with abrasive inserts can be equipped with a transverse oscillation system, to ensure that the finish quality of the product is entirely uniform.

The scotch brite unit is suitable for adding a satin finish to the panels after the smoothing cycle. It provides a uniform finish, using open-pore cycles.

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