CASADEI F 230 - Spindle moulder EC version 400V

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CASADEI F230 Spindle Moulder

Casadei F 230 spindle moulder – Heavy duty operation, reliability, ergonomics and ease of use are the main features that make the F 230 an advanced product, unbeatable in its category.

Spindle moulder with fixed spindle

  • Flexibility: Linear adjustment of spindle moulder fence by means of handwheels accessible from the front of the machine.  Movements are displayed on mechanical readouts which allow rapid and precise adjustments. The wide range of options available allow any type of machining.
  • Sturdiness: Sturdy steel machine structure. Ribbed cast iron worktable which guarantees no vibrations.

Technical data

Worktable dimensions 1200 x 730 mm
Spindle rotation speed rpm 3000-4500-6000-7000-10.000
Max. tool diameter when profiling 250 mm
Max. tool diameter when tenoning 350 mm
Motor power at 50 Hz 7 kW / 9,5 Hp
Motor power at 60 Hz 8 kW / 11 Hp

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