Elcon Vertical Panel Wall Saw 155 DS 3.3

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Elcon D-Range Wall Saw

The D-range contains the most economical versions. With the same heavy robust frame and despite a fully complete equipment, this model is offered to a very attractive price. In the basic version this machine has a powerful 4 kW (s6) motor, extra depth of the saw blade, 2 entry rollers and a repeat stop for strip cutting.

  • Adjustable cutting depth – By means of a simple handle, the saw unit can be adjusted for cutting grooves.
  • Compact robust frame with less depth
  • Cutting depth 60 mm
  • Double cut scoring
  • Emergency stop
  • End stop on mid fence
  • End-stop
  • Entry and exit rollers for panel handling
  • Extra depth of the saw blade at back side.
  • No special floor needed
  • Precision within DIN 875/1 (0.1 mm.)
  • Repeat-stop for strip cutting
  • Standard equipped with 4 kW motor (s6)

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