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Planer and wood moulder machine P.MAX

P.MAX is an automatic planer and 4-5-6 spindle wood moulder machine with great performance, on an industrial scale, for carrying out operations of straightening, planing and also wood profiling.
The machine differs from the smallest model (Junior, P.One Basic e P.One) by having greater structure solidity, bigger working capacity and many standard and optional accessories, with 6 different versions that make it suitable for every need of woodworking.
With its vertical multi-tool spindles, the machine can hold more than 4 milling cutters, allowing a switch between a production process and another in a short time.

Automatic Planers and Wood Moulder Machines
equipped with 4-6 spindles

The automatic planers and wood moulder machines P.MAX are revolutionary machines, destined to last over time and with an innovative design, easy to use, fast and practical in all different woodworking operations.
P.MAX is the ideal solution even for the production of large batches that can be distributed over several shifts.
Each operating unit is equipped with an independent motor so as to guarantee the optimal power for the different operations required.

Resistance on our worktables

Hardox, with its robustness and its perfect adherence, guarantees excellent wear resistance.
It is thanks to the use of top-of-the-range materials that we can off er our customers resistant worktables with very low risks of breakage.


The new mobile console has been designed to facilitate the operator in the various daily operations to be carried out, from the machine set-up to the finished piece control.

Reliability of the feed unit

The drive system consists of oil-bath gearboxes with a cardan-shaft drive to ensure a perfect finish without leaving vibrations on the wood.
Extremely robust and durable unit even without maintenance.

Innovative energy-saving solutions

Orthogonal gearmotor for feeding pieces, guaranteeing reliability in the most severe conditions of use.
High gear ratios allow high motor efficiency with low energy consumption.

Top quality innovation

Without innovation, there can be no efficiency in the woodworking process. It is essential in the pursuit of better results as far as machined workpiece quality and required production times are concerned.
The new technologies are essential for this, with competitive advantages over the competition that translates into better performance.
This is the principle at the root of top quality innovation introduced across the whole state-of-the-art range of P.Max machinery with its innovative technologies: their linear guides and ball runner blocks.

Linear guides and ball runner blocks

New handling technologies are top quality innovations found on every P.Max machine like the presser in the 3rd unit with movement on the linear guides and ball runner blocks with the addition of 3 rubber pressure elements horizontally positioned to keep the wood on line.
The same handling system has been used for upper shaft and the connected drive unit upstroke and downstroke.
We can again find the linear guides with their ball runner blocks on the second upper shaft, if fitted.

Monobloc machine bed

Machine bed and top beam designed to ensure high rigidity and stability of the machinery.
Both are built with a monobloc iron structure, stabilized, sandblasted and painted with epoxy-polyester powder resistant to impact, light reflections and weather for durability.

Compact drive system

Thanks to the reduced thickness, these Poly-V belts are very flexible and can be suitable even for heavy-duty performances.
Our pulleys are designed and manufactured with the most precision for a perfect fit with the belt grooves.
An optimal & highly silent synergy that does not transmit vibrations.

Air-cushion worktable

A system with 2 rows of holes on the worktable that create an air cushion to guarantee feeding even for those categories of wood regarded as problematic.
Each row of holes can be activated and deactivated by the operator to meet working demands.
The system can be integrated (as and optional) with the air and oil atomisation which, combined with the air cushion system, further improves the wood’s conveyance.


P.MAX can accommodate tools with a minimum diameter of 110mm and a maximum diameter of 200mm.
The axial stroke of the vertical spindles is 90mm, allowing for the management of multiple profi les and quick operation changes.
The maximum working sections are 260mm wide and 180mm high (200mm opt).
The minimum working sections are 25mm wide (15mm opt) and 8mm high.

Quality control

Mechanical quality control and testing of every manufactured product is an essential part of every order, guaranteeing high standards of quality and safety.
To avoid problems and complications during assembly, Metalstar has state-of-the-art machinery with sophisticated dimensional control instruments to check tolerances and critical heights.

Automatic managing the main positionings

Plc touch screen (7-10-15″) with colour display, modern and efficient for intuitive and effective work set-up.
The control includes: manual, semi-automatic or automatic axis positioning; possibility to save a large number of programs; start of spindles and drive motors at the touch of a button; tool data with automatic dimensional correction; graphics by our staff with great attention to detail. (optional)

Mobile working width

Useful accessory for customers who use raw material of different widths.
The device automatically records the dimensions it will transmit to the PLC, which will then place the spindle in the correct position.
The system is driven by a ball screw and can be switched off with a simple click.(optional)

3rd Spindle motorisation and electronic displays for width and height

As an alternative to the PLC we propose an economical system to speed up the machine setting by means of 2 buttons, 1 for rapid movement of the spindle, the other for positioning to the nearest tenth of a millimetre. (optional)

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