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Spindle moulder

TFS 107

“Best in low cost” – much machine for small money!
100 % “made in Germany” the shaper captivates by a solid basic configuration at an interesting price: it offers a swivel range from -45,5° to +45,5°, motive spindle positioning with LED displays, 7.5 kW engine with 4 speeds, clockwise / counterclockwise run of the spindle and much more. The perfect basis for reliable work.



Basic features

    • Table size 1.200 x 815 mm, in ripped cast iron with a finest planed surface, table height 900 mm
    • Table rings 262/220/160/115 mm Ø
    • Fixed moulding spindle with arbor (not changeable) Ø 30 mm with clamping nut “fix” (for a fast, comfortable tool changing without spindle locking); mounting length 140 mm
    • Motorized height adjustment of the spindle up to ca. 145 mm, fast and slow run, LED display accurate to 1/10 mm, with change-over from the indication of absolute dimension to the incremental one
    • Motorized tilt adjustment from – 45,5° to + 45,5°, fast and slow run, LED display accurate to 0,1°
    • Motor 7,5 kW
    • 4 speeds 3.000 / 4.500 / 6.000 / 9.000 rpm through belt pulley
    • Speed indication
    • Electronic starting and braking device
    • Left-/right-hand running mode
    • Operating panel well-arranged in the machine base
    • Fence type 2601 Efficient. Central fast adjustment through hand-wheel according digital read-out and fine adjustment of the infeed plate with cylinder rotary knob according scale to 0,1 mm with Multiplex plates. (after removing the fence the whole table is available for work · after reinstall a new calibration is NOT needed)
    • Accessories: chip collector and moulding guard TAPOA for the milling at the starting ring with extraction chute, HOFMANN guard and thrusting device “Centrex”, operating tools, press of grease, operating instruction


Fence type 2620
(instead of standard fence type 2601 efficiency)
Total adjustment via a handwheel according to an LCD display for the stopper jaws

AIR LOCK for fence type 2620
Both stopper jaws are released pneumatically and clamped clamping the jaws is monitored.

HOFMANN Guardian (patent)
Clamping of the milling stopper jaws is monitored – if these are not clamped the machine cannot be started.

Sliding table
Adjustable height, retractable to the spindle as well as hinged to fold down
Hardened guide shaft with high-precision linear ball bearings
Movable guide rail
Usable as a table extension due to a closed finely ribbed surface
Complete with a tappet tensioner and protective hood (for toolsÆ from 250 – 350 mm)
For use with the protective hood, a rotational speed of max. 4,500 rpm.

Longitudinal stopper 1,750 mm
Longitudinal stopper 2,750 mm
Optionally “longitudinal stop”only on the sliding table

Optional features

Table extension of 480 mm for the standard table, with EMERGENCY STOP button
Table extension on one side right of 750 mm incl. table extension of 480 mm
Table size 2,000 x 815 mm incl. table extension of 480 mm
Table extension on both sides, to 2,700 mm incl. table extension of 480 mm
Variable speed control from 1.500 up to 10.000 rpm (in 100´s or 1000´s gradation),  instead of the 4 speeds
Fence type 2601 efficient with LCD display (with ability to switch to tool zero-measure), instead of digital counters,
Swivelling device for fence
Cast iron plates (instead of multiplex plates)
Splitter tongue, anodized aluminum, for cast iron jaws
Safety rulers anodized (5 pieces) and moulding plate for the cast iron jaws
Integral stopper jaws 500/650 mm or 650/650
Filling bar and spacer for integral stopper jaws
Changeable spindle MK5 incl. arbor “Duo”Ø 30 mm with clamping nut “fix”, instead of fixed moulding spindle
Arbor “Duo”Ø 40 or 50 mm  instead of 30 mm for MK5 spindle with quick-clamping nut
Collet for MK 5 with a diameter of 3-25 mm
Feeding device type 2048
Continuously variable speed control for the feeding device (control elements in the control panel)
Console for feeding stand
Operating panel above
Tool deposit (panel above is required)
Curve milling master Aigner, instead of a chip collector and milling protection device Tapoa
Kick-back guard for plunge milling with 2 continuously adjustable attachment shafts
Counter-blow with a counter, for accurate milling to format.
Adjustment range 90 mm, standard outlet 165 mm
Safety light strip on the milling stop
With a running spindle, warning lamps flash on the stopper, fence type 2620 is required
Operating hours counter
Protective hood to the sliding carriage (for tool Ø from 250 to 350 mm)

Technical specifications

Table size

Table heigth

Table rings

Max. height range of the spindle till

Swivel range

Engine speeds







TFS 107

1200 x 815



ca. 145

– 45,5 to + 45,5


Engine power *

Extraction chute (2 chutes)

Minimum airflow



mm Ø



TFS 107





* Standard configuration, optionally upgradable

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