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Automatic 4 rollers gluing machine with 2 motors


Four rollers gluing machine for vinyl glue (PVAc), urea glue (UF) and polyurethane glue, for various types of materials like MDF, chipboard, plywood, composite materials, plasterboards.

With this machine we can adjust the quantity of glue in a uniform and precise way, considering the grooving of the rollers, which should be suitable to the type of production.

The heavy structure and the core of the rollers, designed with increased thickness than previous models, enables to work hard without particular problems and allows to glue on materials with maximum width of 2200 mm. Replacement procedure of rollers for maintenance is simplified, with supports divided in half and “bayonet” coupling.

It is moreover possible to equip the machine with different accessories, like the electronic speed variator, the automatic washer for rollers and the automatic lifting of the upper roller with position shown on display.

The S4R/P is suitable to various types of production, even in construction sector and in the sponges and mattresses industry.

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