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Fx350 is a new sliding table panel saw made by REMA S.A. It fulfills all the basic functions necessary for proper cutting of wood-based boards. The saw is equipped with a main cutting unit for circular saw blades with diameters from Ø 300 to Ø 350 mm providing a maximum sawing height of 115 mm along with a cutter. The standard cutting width with the rip fence is 1300 mm.

  • Functional crosscut fence table (1300 mm in length and 600 mm in width) with Ø 50 mm steel roller and adjustable 1800 mm crosscut fence with up to 3,200 mm extension.
  • Cast iron rip fence corps with quick clamping mechanism and micro regulation, for sawing width up to 1300 mm.
  • Strong crosscut table support assisted by 6 rollers with height adjust function.
  • Sliding table length = 3010 mm as a standard. Upper guard adjusts to the height of the workpiece to ensure safety of operator. The guard is mounted on the pipe that serves as a sawdust discharge.
  • Manual height and tilt adjustment of the main saw blade with inertial indicators.
  • Cast iron cradle with adjustable height and sawing angle. Main saw blade diameter 350 mm, scoring unit blade diameter 120-125 mm.
  • Cutting unit set on cast iron arches with 6 kW main motor engine and 0,75 kW scoring unit engine.
  • 416 mm wide multi-chamber aluminum profile with 4 steel rollers and 12 eccentric rollers.
  • Electronic reader of the crosscut fence stopper with absolute memory function and 0.1 mm accuracy (optional).
  • Electronic reader of the rip fence stopper with absolute memory function and 0.1 mm accuracy (optional).
  • Panel saw with short sliding table L-1900mm.
  • There is also available Fx315 panel saw with a maximal saw blade diameter Ø 315 and main motor 3,9 kW as a standard.

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